Site Supervision

Construction site supervision

We thoroughly inspect and monitor the quality of construction work on the site proactively, enabling us to alleviate any concerns the client may have about the progress of the project.

We address any identified issues and deviations, but we also make sure to highlight successes and achievements.

The task of on-site supervision is to ensure that new construction and renovation projects are carried out in accordance with the client’s requirements, applicable regulations, the construction contract, and good construction practices.

Site supervisor’s tips

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”SARA excels in optimization. They have the expertise to assess what needs to be done and make the necessary adjustments or improvements.”

Juha Lehtonen, Project manager, Church or Tampere

”SARA’s visual monitoring report has proven to be beneficial even retrospectively, as it allows for easy reference to specific details or incidents. 

Arto Teittinen, Chief of Construction Project Management, YH-kodit

Digital tools

Our digital tools accelerate the flow of information and enhance transparency. We can report and demonstrate in real-time the progress of the work, what has been done, and which stages have been inspected.

By ensuring immediate and seamless communication, we can quickly respond to any issues that arise, allowing for swift resolution. This real-time visibility provides the client with up-to-date information on the status of the construction site at all times.


our main tool for on-site supervision is our user-friendly, self-developed mobile application called SARA-app.

SARA-app enhances transparency and keeps the client well-informed. The application generates supervision reports based on the inspector’s captured photos and recorded observations. These reports can be sent directly to the client and the main contractor from the construction site.

By forwarding the supervision reports promptly, we enable quick response and action. This efficient communication ensures that any issues or deviations are addressed in a timely manner.

The SARA-app facilitates real-time reporting, eliminating delays in sharing crucial information. It enables effective collaboration and enables all stakeholders to stay up to date with the current status of the construction site.

With SARA-app, we strive to provide our clients with transparency, accurate reporting, and the ability to respond swiftly to any project-related matters.

Benefits of SARA-app:

  • The supervision reports can be shared in real-time with the client and the main contractor.
  • The client can easily track the progress of the construction site using the application. They have access to up-to-date information regarding the various stages of the project.
  • The contractors receive immediate notifications about any necessary corrections or adjustments required on-site. This allows them to take prompt action and address the identified issues efficiently.
  • The supervision reports can be generated directly on-site
  • Photographic reports are conveniently stored in one place, making it easy to revisit them if needed at a later stage. This centralized repository of visual documentation allows for efficient reference and retrieval of past reports.

360° -material

360°-photos and videos offer a comprehensive view of the progress of interior work.

Upon completion of the project, virtual tours can be created from the model apartment or various housing types. These virtual tours aim to replace in-person presentations of the model apartment and/or housing types.

“A tool for presenting all the apartments even though only a few get photographed” 

The virtual tours can be effectively utilized in the sales and rental operations once the project is completed. This allows for efficient marketing and showcasing of the available units without the need for physical visits to each individual apartment.


Drone footage gives a comprehensive overview of the construction site and there’s something for everyone in the different services.

OrthophotosGeoreferenced orthophoto for e.g. sitemapAs a file or through Autodesk Viewer.
Site supervision tourAdditional information for site supervision reportSARA-app
VideoA couple of minutes long video from site (editing included)e.g. Youtube
ChecksChecking e.g. roofing structures or yard SARA-app
360° -photos360° -panoramic photos from the siteThrough, example below
Quarrying volumesRequires two flights (before & after)
Site or real estate photographyPhotoshoot for marketing materials, 3-10 photos

Contact our construction site supervision experts

New construction

Riku-Jussi Mäkinen

Project Engineer

M.Sc., Civil Engineering & B. Eng.

+358 50 400 5164


Riku Hakala

Leading Site Supervisor

Construction Foreman

+358 44 768 8241

Renovation projects

Jarmo Kumpuvaara

Project Manager (renovation)

Construction Foreman

+358 40 483 4331


Roope Airaksinen

Project Engineer

M.Sc., Civil Engineering

+358 50 912 6899