Project Management

Project Management

Our role in project management encompasses overseeing the entire construction project.

We lead, you receive what has been agreed upon.

Throughout the project, we keep you informed and updated, ensuring that you are aware of the current status and upcoming milestones.

Client stays on top of project

We accomplish this through high-quality and gentle guidance, which is based on our meticulously refined project management approach.

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Project Management

  • Initiating the project and creating a project plan
  • Selecting the contract form
  • Competitive bidding for designers and contractors, including contract drafting
  • Leading and conducting meetings with various stakeholders
  • Managing construction project information: gathering, storing, and distributing
  • Monitoring the financial aspects of the construction project
  • Ensuring workplace safety

User-Centric Approach

You gain the greatest benefit by involving us in the early stages when you are still planning a new construction or renovation project.

At that point, plans can still be modified, and we can most effectively enhance the spatial layout with a user- and owner-centric focus.

Feedback from the client and users, as well as its integration into the plans, is particularly crucial to ensure that the project aligns with expectations.

Our experts specialize in creating spaces that not only reflect the user’s preferences but are also maximized in terms of functionality.

We identify spatial solutions that serve your operations as efficiently as possible and streamline everyday activities.

Our feedback

Please request a quote through the link or contact us directly, and let’s discuss more about your needs and our way of operating!

SARA’s level of information technology and its ability to operate within a collaborative system is a clear competitive advantage. At least in the Pirkanmaa region, no one else possesses the same level of expertise in this area.

Toni Salonen, Area Manager, Äyräväinen Oy

”In terms of documentation, SARA excels in project management. The meeting practices are excellent, situation checks are effective, and everyone is constantly aware of each other’s progress.

Thanks to this project, there has been no need to spend sleepless nights worrying.

Anssi Tast, Head of Corporate Affairs, Evidensia Finland

“SARA has handled the work as a whole very well, and we can trust their actions. They have delivered as agreed and within the scheduled timeframe. We are staying within the budget, and preferably even below it.”

Timo Jokinen, CEO, POAS

Project management's operating model

With our operating model, we tackle the typical pitfalls of renovation and new construction projects have encountered over the past decades. Therefore, we believe that our project management is currently superior in the field.

You may be wondering why. The reason is that through our model,

  • We consider the starting point and goals of all project stakeholders. We invest in the early stages of projects to save in the later stages. This approach helps us better manage projects in terms of time and finances.
  • All project information is openly accessible on a single platform, facilitating decision-making and information sharing. As a client you see how the project progresses, can rely up-to-date information availability and make decisions based on relevant information.
  • We deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. The transparency and digitization of project operations have increased the amount of information circulating within the project. It is important to break down information into smaller pieces in weekly design meetings to avoid information overload.
  • We do the right things at the right time. When the right information is available to the right people at the right time, we also do right things at the right time. Design is fluent and we are able to handle processes, such as permits, as smoothly as possible.
  • We do not limit ourselves in advance. We are impartial developers and project managers. We choose the right people at the right time, allowing us to seek the best, not the easiest solutions.
  • And by the way, we don’t shout in our meetings. We are relaxed people, who left the old-fashioned meeting models back in the 1990s. We take our work seriously but without frowning.

This way, we ensure project stays in budget and progresses smoothly on schedule.

Our mission is to change the construction industry. Our primary goal is to create a sense of security in construction projects. A sense that as a client, you know what is happening, how the project is progressing, and what issues need to be resolved at each stage.


To get the maximum benefit from our operating model, we utilize digital tools that aim to facilitate seamless collaboration among all stakeholders.

Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) serves as a cloud-based and collaborative project repository, providing real-time project information securely in one place.

With ACC, we manage the project from one single open platform. It offers the traditional project repositories, but also serves as a platform for commenting on plans, (bye bye email attachments), scheduling as well as cost management.

Towards “Single source of truth” – Right information at the right time in the right place for the right people.

Project management doesn’t have to be a hit-or-miss process, where a rough schedule and budget are set but hardly anyone believes they will be adhered to. We promise you a project where you can sleep peacefully throughout its duration.

We solve your project management challenges

New construction

Timo Kamppuri


M.Sc., Civil Engineering

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Tommi Rämö

Project Manager (new construction)

Construction Foreman

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Jaakko Soronen

Project Manager

B. Eng.

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Roope Airaksinen

Project Engineer

M.Sc., Civil Engineering

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Renovation projects

Asko Saarinen

Project Manager (renovation)

Construction Foreman

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Jarmo Kumpuvaara

Project Manager (renovation)

Construction Foreman

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Jarkko Blomqvist

Project Manager

Electrical and automation technician

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Konsta Ylinen

Project Engineer

M. Sc., Civil Engineering

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