About us

We are SARA.

Construction consultation firm based in Tampere, founded in 2009, with the goal of being a catalyst for change in the construction industry.

We are eager to think in new ways. We are different, and we embrace it. Our distinctiveness allows us to do things that others don’t or perceive as impossible.

Together, we solve problems that we couldn’t tackle alone. We complement and develop each other according to the Master-Apprentice principle, with mutual respect in mind. Shared knowledge is a tremendous advantage.

  1. We tell things as they are, also the positive ones.
  2. There are helpers around you.
  3. We laugh – including at ourselves.

Not too seriously.

Frontline of development

Properly managed, digital solutions make our customers’ everyday life easier and streamline project implementation. We continuously develop new operational models and concepts to ensure high quality while advancing the construction industry.

However, technology is not an absolute value. The solutions we use should support existing operational models, traditional practices based on experience, and focus on what is essential while aiding in managing the overall project.

We closely monitor technological advancements and always incorporate the latest innovations that we find useful into our client projects.


Visual design – Yes, in a construction project management office

We bring projects to life and make them experiential quickly, even in the ideation or conceptual design phase, so that the end result is not just based on imagination alone. Through visual design, we transition from seeing to experiencing and ensure that the outcome is as desired.

We offer visual design as part of all our services because we believe that visualizing projects is essential to achieve the best possible results.


Information management & Modern communication

”BIM because BIM” – didn’t work, so we desided to create a new operating model Efficient Digital Operating Model—Technology Is Not an Absolute Value | Autodesk University – Mauno’s lecture was the first ever given by a Finnish speaker at the prestigious Autodesk University international conference and was awarded in the “Top Rated Construction Classes” category.

The operational model has been developed around Autodesk’s Construction Cloud software ecosystem (one of the world’s largest providers of AEC software), and SARA maintains close development collaboration with Autodesk. Collaborating Across the Supply Chain in Finland to Deliver Agile and Reliable Outcomes – Digital Builder (autodesk.com)


Digital construction site supervision

SARA-app – The field of construction site supervision was in need of a simple & efficient reporting tool, so we developed one. Our user-friendly mobile application streamlines construction site supervision by allowing supervisors to create and send reports with accompanying photos directly from the site to all relevant parties. Real-time communication expedites the process of making necessary repairs and facilitates project progress.

As additional tools for site supervision, we utilize 360° cameras and drones. Through images and videos, the client gains a comprehensive overview of the construction site, enabling them to track changes and monitor the progress of interior work.

Champions of Finland

In Tampere, you may choose not to play hockey, but you simply cannot avoid talking about it. And when discussing the topic, it is always, and especially, necessary to pick a side… thankfully, freedom of speech is enshrined in the constitution.

For over ten years, SARA has been supporting not only elite sports but also junior sports, regardless of the hat worn. Champions of Finland. All of us.

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M.Sc., Civil Engineering

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