Project Planning

Project Planning

The project plan prepared by SARA ensures the best possible implementation of the project.

In project planning, we create a project plan or strategy for renovation, additions, or supplementary construction, which helps increase the value of the property and improve living comfort and/or business processes.

Our project planning is based on a systematic preliminary study to ensure that the project’s initial information and target state are clear.

Project plan ~ Initial information package for the project

We always optimize projects as a whole, ensuring that no specific area is overemphasized and hinders the achievement of a good end result: see the forest for the trees.

Project planning is needed when there’s a need for:

  • Replacing the roof
  • Plumbing or HVAC renovation
  • Window, facade, or balcony renovation
  • Additional construction or extension

Scroll down the page a bit, and you will find more information about different situations.

Renovation Construction

Renovation construction can be implemented in various technical ways and scopes, depending on the set goals for the project.

We aim to find a solution that aligns with your objectives and serves the property well in the long term, following these steps:

  1. Kick-off meeting
  2. Property tour
  3. (If necessary) Digitization of plans
  4. (If necessary) Tendering of hazardous substance assessment
  5. (If necessary) Investigation of energy assistance opportunities from ARA (Finnish Housing Finance and Development Center)
  6. Comparison and cost estimation of implementation methods
  7. Preparation of a preliminary schedule
  8. Presentation and distribution of the project plan

If needed, we utilize a 360° camera and/or a drone to gather data more efficiently and capture a broader view compared to conventional photography methods.

Additional and/or supplementary construction

Additional or extension construction or on a sparsely built old plot can be aimed at financing renovations or reducing maintenance fees.

In addition to profitability, it is important to consider the perspectives of authorities and minimize potential negative impacts, such as changes to the landscape, parking, and green areas.

There are numerous options for additional construction and extension:

  1. Plot subdivision
  2. New building on an existing plot
  3. Building height extension
  4. Building extension or expansion
  5. Change of use
  6. Attic construction
  7. Demolition and new construction

We will find the solution that best aligns with your objectives among these options.

For creating presentation materials, we utilize visual design techniques.

We will design a customized renovation strategy tailored to your needs

Timo Kamppuri


M.Sc., Civil Engineering

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Asko Saarinen

Project Manager (renovation)

Construction Foreman

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Jarmo Kumpuvaara

Project Manager (renovation)

Construction Foreman

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Examples of our project planning success

Tiiliruukinkatu 12

In this building, there are plans for a two-story building extension.

Currently, the housing cooperative consists of a lower basement floor, an above-ground basement floor, and four residential floors.

We are serving as a project planning consultant for this project.