SARA manages – Client sleeps well

When a construction project involves an investment ranging from five to fifty million euros, the pressure on the client is high. That’s when SARA receives a phone call. We provide peace of mind and success to our clients.


Our success is made from client's success.

Success is achieved when a project is executed with the right level of quality, and the client doesn’t experience premature hair loss or dental issues due to surprises. The schedules are not yo-yo-like but precise, and when the project is completed, champagne corks pop instead of budgets.

That’s when the client begins to smile, sometimes even embrace. And then the process repeats. Over and over again.

That’s what success is made of – the success of our clients.

Check where the magic happens…

Champions of Finland

In Tampere, you may choose not to play hockey, but you simply cannot avoid talking about it. And when discussing the topic, it is always, and especially, necessary to pick a side… thankfully, freedom of speech is enshrined in the constitution.

For over ten years, SARA has been supporting not only elite sports but also junior sports, regardless of the hat worn. Champions of Finland. All of us.

Let's create the best living space solutions for you.

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SARA has handled the work as a whole very well, and we can trust their actions. They have delivered as agreed and within the scheduled timeframe. We are staying within the budget, and preferably even below it.

Timo Jokinen, CEO, POAS