When SARA manages, client stays on top of project

The pitfalls of construction project management have long been related to information management, project scheduling, coordination of various on-site activities, change management, decision-making and documentation, as well as communication challenges among designers, developers, and contractors. However, when SARA manages, we try to solve these challenges.

It is not uncommon for issues to arise right from the start of a project. For example, if shortcuts were taken during critical stages of project planning or if the processes of information flow and task allocation were not properly thought out in advance, difficulties are likely to arise.

Things can get even worse if problems go unnoticed or are not addressed in a timely manner. Every unnecessary error consumes time and money, eroding the trust of both the client and end-users in the entire construction project.

Quicker, easier and safer model is also economical

The primary goal of SARA is to bring a sense of safety to construction projects. Openness, transparency, and a culture of data-driven decision-making are gradually transforming the entire construction industry, with SARA leading the way in this development.

In addition to modern information management tools, SARA has a versatile and experienced professional team with extensive connections to various stakeholders in the construction industry. At SARA, we are known for actively engaging with construction sites and carrying out meticulous work, even during the project planning phase.

Because SARA’s project management model is faster and easier than outdated, cumbersome processes, it is also more cost-effective for the client. With high-quality project management, the client gains the assurance that the project remains under control from start to finish.

Milestones keep the schedule in check

Construction projects typically progress in a linear fashion, starting from conceptual design to preliminary design and then to detailed design. As the stages advance in this step-by-step manner without intermediate milestones, different parties involved in the project often find themselves waiting with idle hands for their turn.

At SARA, we have moved away from this abrupt, cyclical model of project readiness and adopted a linear project management approach. The cornerstone of our project management is that the project advances step by step, with small intermediate goals leading toward larger objectives.

By breaking down the construction project into smaller components and documenting all the required tasks for each specific area in detailed sprints, electrical designers, HVAC designers, energy planners, landscape designers, and all other project stakeholders can begin their preliminary work even when the architect is still finalizing their drawings.

No more going through email chains

In order to successfully document and adhere to intermediate goals, excellent scheduling and flexible communication among the various stakeholders of the project are needed. When everyone knows what is happening in the project at any given time and what comes next, delays and errors can be addressed in a timely manner.

At SARA, we ensure that information flows and remains accessible in user-friendly knowledge repositories. Meeting minutes and discussions related to planning are not lost in emails, and no one’s time is wasted waiting for decisions.

  • Smartsheet is an interactive scheduling software where all project tasks, deadlines, and definitions of intermediate goal completion are recorded.
  • Autodesk Docs, a part of Autodesk’s Construction Cloud ecosystem on the other hand, is a cloud-based “project bank” where all project information is stored, and it facilitates the commenting on plans.

Good communication tools enable early interventions

SARA believes in open communication. Withholding information is a thing of the past in construction project management. Progress is achieved most efficiently when the project owner has a solid foundation based on real and up-to-date information.

For each project, we create a dedicated team and necessary channels in Microsoft Teams (the fewer, the better). Conversations are organized under relevant topic headings in these channels, ensuring that information remains organized and easily accessible without the need to search through multiple discussions.

In Teams, discussions are visible to everyone, and each person can contribute their input, unlike in email where a capable respondent may be added to the thread only after 10 messages.

Weekly meetings are an excellent way to keep all project stakeholders informed and engaged. Conducting these meetings in Teams allows for seamless collaboration, and important matters can be addressed within a short timeframe, often within half an hour.

SARA takes care of its client: everyone learns how to use software

Onboarding to cloud-based project management may initially seem challenging for many, but at SARA, our project guides provide training to all project stakeholders, from designers to contractors, on how to use project management systems effectively. They also ensure that everyone consistently and accurately records their work progress in these systems.

As the use of software becomes routine, all the typical challenges associated with construction projects become easier to manage. Information flows freely, avoiding silos, schedules remain under control, and prompt responses to changes become possible.

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