Site supervisor’s tips: This is how you ensure quality level and long lifecycle

Did you know that you could get even more benefits from construction site supervision?

However, it requires that the site supervisor gets involved in the project early enough, not just when the construction work has already begun as is customary.

The basic task of construction site supervision is to ensure that the construction project is carried out according to good construction practices, prevailing regulations and requirements, as well as contracts and client’s demands. A competent site supervisor, however, can contribute much more to the construction project.

It is worth utilizing the entire expertise of a knowledgeable site supervisor in the construction project. This way, you ensure that the property retains its value over time – or even increases in value.

In this blog I share effective proven tips, which will help you make the most of construction site supervision and expedite the progress your project.

1. Involve the site supervisor in the project before construction begins

Typically, contact with the site supervisor is made only when construction is already underway. However, based on my experience, the greatest benefit from site supervision can be achieved by involving the supervisor at the latest during the final stages of the planning meetings.

If supervision joins the project only during the construction phase, the supervisor can only ensure that the construction project progresses according to the plans. On the other hand, if the supervisor is involved earlier and participates in the planning process, they can bring their expertise as a problem-solving specialist in construction project challenges. This allows for better solutions to be implemented, leading to improved outcomes.

2. Utilize the site supervisor’s full expertise and diverse experience

The construction site supervisor may not directly control the activities on the site, but in their supervisory role, they can provide input and assistance in various aspects such as schedule planning, problem-solving, and, most importantly, proactive expertise. Site supervisors, more than anyone else, have extensive experience in handling various challenges that arise in new construction and renovation projects, and they excel at finding optimal solutions.

A site supervisor can propose suitable solutions for the project based on their experience and proven success in other similar projects. They can also assess the project from a long-term perspective and suggest sustainable solutions that will endure throughout its lifecycle.

3. Harness the benefits of technology in construction site supervision

Utilizing technology significantly speeds up information flow and response times. The faster issues can be addressed and acted upon, the better. Quick information dissemination directly affects costs, as addressing problems retroactively is always more expensive.

With technology, information can be communicated in real-time, and visualization is just a click away. For instance, at Finland Area Developer, we use the SARA app as a tool for construction site supervision. It allows us to report directly from the site with accompanying photos, providing near-real-time updates on the progress and inspections conducted.

We also employ drones and 360°-cameras as additional tools to provide visual documentation of the site’s status for the client and assist the management. Based on past experiences, using a drone to capture images of rooftops, for example, offers comprehensive coverage, making it easy to verify the completion of finishing work before handover.

Therefore, it is always beneficial to leverage the insights and expertise of a construction site supervisor, not just for monitoring plan compliance. As mentioned earlier, the earlier they are involved, the better.

If you are seeking a flexible and competent expert for construction site supervision, feel free to reach out. Let’s make use of our site supervision team’s extensive expertise in your construction project.

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