The drive to develop the construction industry arises from practical work experience

Tampere University’s civil engineering students, Roope Airaksinen and Konsta Ylinen had a rewarding summer in 2021 working for SARA.

Despite their young age, both men had already gained work experience in the construction industry. However, the diverse and demanding tasks at SARA brought new confidence in the future of construction.

“It was a stroke of luck to get a job here! Throughout the summer, we have seen the construction industry from various perspectives and learned a lot of new things. We have been given the opportunity to try things that would not be entrusted to students’ hands in many other places,” Roope and Konsta express their gratitude.

Versatile work tasks from site supervision to contracts

Their summer job assignment as students has included tasks related to construction supervision, project planning and management, as well as preparing monitoring reports. Additionally, Roope and Konsta have had the opportunity to prepare contract agreements and develop software related to scheduling and project management. They have also been involved in working on the SARA app.

They haven’t had to tackle the diverse tasks alone. At SARA, the importance of teamwork is emphasized, as it can lead to symbiotic collaboration.

“The experienced professionals have a vast amount of knowledge and extensive experience. As young individuals, we bring fresh perspectives that are genuinely listened to here at SARA,” explain Roope and Konsta.

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Group work skills prevail over a culture of hoarding information

CEO Timo Kamppuri sees that it is precisely the open and communicative atmosphere that makes SARA a pioneer:

“Traditionally, in the construction industry, knowledge has been siloed, and the old masters have hoarded information. Knowledge has been power. This culture is inevitably changing, and we gladly advise and listen to younger professionals.”

Kamppuri further explains that openness also reduces mistakes. When one dares to admit their mistakes at work, major catastrophes can be prevented in time.

One is allowed to succeed, but also to make mistakes, as long as they are honest. Through collaboration, even mistakes can be promptly corrected in an agile manner.” – CEO Timo Kamppuri, SARA Oy

Developing communication channels is a growing challenge

Real-life field skills cannot be learned in the classroom alone; they must be practiced in practical settings. Based on their summer job experiences, Roope and Konsta have already gained ideas on what and how construction sites could be improved:

“Effective communication channels are essential. If scheduling, information flow, and task allocation falter on the construction site, the entire operation suffers. These practical challenges could be addressed, for example, through cloud-based planning tools.”

From summer worker to CEO: eagerness and perseverance will be rewarded

In the fall of 2021, Roope and Konsta will return to their studies. Both hope to continue working at SARA alongside their studies.

Timo Kamppuri believes that some kind of work agreement can be tailored for both of them, and he does not consider it impossible that permanent positions could be available for them at SARA after their studies.

“I myself started at SARA as a summer worker in 2012. Back then, my tasks included organizing contract agreements. We have come a long way since then,” Timo chuckles and continues:

“SARA is very happy to collaborate with the Hervanta campus, and it’s always amazing to have thesis workers on board! The future professionals emerge from the classroom, and that is only a great thing!”

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